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Aug. 4, 2020 -- on Newsmax, Patrick McBriarty is interviewed on American Agenda about State Rep. Ford's proposal to abolish history classes in Illinois schools.

Aug. 4, 2020 — American Agenda on Newsmax Patrick McBriarty is interviewed on about State Rep. Shawn Ford’s proposal to abolish history classes in Illinois schools.

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  1. Mason Gentry says:

    Hello, I am a student from the Chicagoland area and I am currently working on a history project about H.H.Holmes and his “murder castle” that will hopefully be submitted to competition later in the spring. I’ve listened to you guys a bit and I think its amazing how you both are able to capture Chicago history in such interesting and meaningful way. I hope it isn’t too much of a bother but I was hoping that maybe one you could help give my project a bit of credibility by answering for me one question, It could just be through a message back that I can read aloud in my film, but a voice recording would be perfect. That question is: Do you think that H.H.Holmes’s legacy made Chicago a safer place to live today, or did it serve as a way to push the stereotype of “dangerous Chicago” any help would be much appreciated thanks!!

  2. Lawrence H. Levens says:

    February 1, 2023

    Dear Dr. Charles Branham,

    My name is Lawrence H. Levens, I am researching the life and times of Chicago’s own the late musician and composer Will H. Dixon (1879-1917) a Pekin Theatrical member and a founding member of the Clef Club Orchestra of New York City and his famed wife Madam Seay aka Mrs. Maude S. Dixon/Mrs. Maude Dixon Myers (1884-1957) she is described in the memoir of the late Dr. Dorothy Irene Height “Open Wide The Freedom Gates.” She was described as being “One of the First Negro women to distinguished themselves in Business.”

    I was recently watching a PBS special on Ida B. Wells, there is no mention of Madam Seay or Will H. Dixon who appeared in the Negro Press of the day (The Chicago Defender) and (The Broad Ax). I want to bring to your attention this untold Chicago history never before highlighted.

    I have several historical artifacts (ephemera) related to this early Chicago history; and continuing into Harlem before, during and after the Renaissance. I am hoping to garner a news editorial in the press.

    I am sure you will have questions, please feel free to reach to me. I look forward to sharing addition information on the Dixon family of Chicago. Please advise and thank you for your time and consideration.


    Lawrence H. Levens
    Guardian of the Barnes/Dixon/Myers Papers and Archives

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